Happy Birthday Teddy Bear & Animal Soft Toys

Our range of birthday teddy bears are the perfect gift!

Personalise with your choice and text and colour and don’t forget – all our designs can be ‘mix n matched’


personalised 1st birthday teddy bears

Personalised Teddy Bear Birthday Designs

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Angel BearAngel Bear
Bunny Rabbit (Blue)Bunny Rabbit (Blue)
Bunny Rabbit (Grey)Bunny Rabbit (Grey)
Bunny Rabbit (Pink)Bunny Rabbit (Pink)
Bunny Rabbit (White)Bunny Rabbit (White)
Christmas BearChristmas Bear
Father ChristmasFather Christmas
Highland CowHighland Cow
Teddy Bear (Blue)Teddy Bear (Blue)
Teddy Bear (Brown)Teddy Bear (Brown)
Teddy Bear (Pink)Teddy Bear (Pink)
Teddy Bear (Rainbow)Teddy Bear (Rainbow)
Teddy Bear (White)Teddy Bear (White)
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How To Order A Personalised Teddy Bear

Ordering a personalised teddy bear is super simple!

Personalised Teddy Bear Birthday Gifts

Personalised teddy bears are a great gift for a birthday. If you’re looking for the perfect present to give someone special, then look no further. Our personalised teddies are perfect in so many ways: they come in different sizes and colours, they can be engraved with any name or message of your choice and they make fantastic baby shower gifts too!

Personalised Teddy Bears make fantastic first birthday presents too – we have some adorable designs just right for your baby’s first birthday!

And if you’re looking for something extra special to celebrate that big day and make it truly memorable, our customisable teddy bears will do just that! You can add their name or other custom text onto the teddy – it really is an ideal gift for any age person (big kids included!).

Birthday Gifts With A Personal Touch

Personalised teddy bears are deeply meaningful gifts, and it’s not just children who love them! In fact, many adults have fond memories of receiving personalised teddy bears as kids. Even if you can’t remember your own bear, you can rest assured that they were probably treasured by their recipient: the meaning behind the gift is more important than the actual thing itself.

If you’re looking for a unique birthday gift idea for someone special in your life—and yes, even if they already have plenty of toys—consider giving a personalised teddy bear instead! Personalisation allow you to add extra sentimentality (or humour) by adding things like catchphrases or inside jokes.