Angel Rabbit Rescue

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Angel Rabbit Rescue, a non-profit organisation in Dorset, England, is dedicated to providing a safe haven and forever homes for rabbits in need.

Founded by Amanda, who has a background in dog rescue, the team hopes to attain charity status soon.

Known for its passionate commitment, the rescue's volunteers, affectionately known as 💩 shovellers, devote their free time to caring for the rabbits, ensuring they receive nutritious diets, proper veterinary care, and regular exercise.

Fundraisers are a key part of their efforts to support the rabbits’ needs. Beyond care, the rescue emphasises rabbit welfare advocacy in the local community, addressing issues of neglect and abandonment.

Recognising that many of their rabbits have experienced multiple homes, leading to confusion and fear, Angel Rabbit Rescue focuses on building trust and relationships with the rabbits, advocating for patience and interactive floor play involving food or toys. For those interested in adoption, the rescue provides detailed guidance on rabbit welfare and care requirements on their 'Want to Adopt from us' web page.

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