Brinsley Animal Rescue

Brinsley Animal Rescue, nestled in Brinsley, Nottingham, began as the passion project of Jon Beresford and Bethan Hewis, who founded the charity in 2007.

Their shared love for animals led them from volunteering for animal charities to eventually buying a 4-acre property to accommodate the increasing number of rescued pets, wild animals, and eventually farm animals.

Now a Registered Charity, Brinsley Animal Rescue operates on vegan values, emphasising the non-exploitation of animals for food, profit, or entertainment.

Run entirely by volunteers, the charity has no paid staff, and all premises and resources are donated, ensuring that every penny raised goes directly towards the animals’ care. This includes food, bedding, treatments, and veterinary bills. With an annual fundraising target of £150,000, the charity diligently works to cover all necessary expenses.

The primary focus of Brinsley Animal Rescue is on rescuing pets, wild animals, and farm animals. While the aim is to rehome pets and farm animals, those that cannot be rehomed are offered a permanent sanctuary.

Wild animals are rehabilitated with the goal of releasing them back into their natural habitat, completing the cycle of care and compassion that the charity stands for.

If you'd like to help us support Brinsley Animal Rescue, you can select the charity when ordering and we'll donate 10% of the order to their cause.

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Registered Charity Number: 1135508

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