Feline Care Cat Rescue

Feline Care Cat Rescue is dedicated to providing a loving home and seeking 'forever' homes for cats in need. Based on the principle that all cats, regardless of their temperament or health, deserve equal rights to safety, love, and care, this charity offers sanctuary to those cats most unwanted by society.

They work tirelessly to find the perfect home for each cat, while acknowledging that for some, Feline Care is their permanent home. The hope is for a future where there are more homes for cats than there are cats needing them, but until then, they serve as a steadfast haven of security and sanctuary.

The rescue is situated on 4 acres of cat-proofed gardens and woodland, providing ample space for free-roaming cats to enjoy their independence, as well as heated bedrooms within their well-equipped cattery.

The main facility is designed with individual and communal living areas to cater to specific needs, featuring uPVC double-glazing and underfloor heating. There is also an intensive care unit for cats requiring special medical attention.

Additionally, Feline Care operates a "Trap, Neuter and Return" scheme, where outdoor or feral cats are given a safe space in their 'Jellicle pens' during recovery from neutering operations.

If you'd like to help us support Feline Care Cat Rescue, you can select the charity when ordering and we'll donate 10% of the order to their cause.

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Registered Charity Number: 1144830

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