Feline Friends London

Feline Friends London, established by seasoned cat rescuers and veterinary professionals, is dedicated to the welfare of cats across London.

This volunteer-run charity ensures every cat in their care receives comprehensive health care, including vet checks, neutering, vaccinations, flea and worm treatments, and microchipping.

Operating without a rescue centre, Feline Friends London relies on the invaluable support of reliable fosterers. These foster homes provide a safe haven for abandoned, stray, and unwanted cats and kittens, protecting them from the hardships of street life.

While the charity doesn't offer cattery-based volunteer opportunities, they continually welcome new volunteers to contribute in various meaningful ways to support their mission of helping cats find loving homes.

If you'd like to help us support Feline Friends London, you can select the charity when ordering and we'll donate 10% of the order to their cause.

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Registered Charity Number: 1186959

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