Ethical Policy

EN71 Testing

All our products are tested to EN71 (CE) standards. EN71 is a European regulation ensuring that all toys are suitable for ages defined by 0+, from birth or +36 (suitable from 36 months.)

Sustainability, Ethics, and Standards

Ethical trading and respect for human rights are core company values and we take it very seriously.

We work with the very highest level of manufacturers developing strong, long-term partnerships to promote understanding of International Ethical Trading practices. Working with all our global suppliers to promote respect for workers’ rights, ensuring workers are free from exploitation and discrimination, and enjoy
conditions of freedom, security, and equality.

We require any associated manufacturer or supplier to share our commitment to fair and safe working practices.

Our manufacturing locations are personally selected, inspected via an independent, fully recognised, and accredited ethical auditing body are supported with continuous monitoring by our local representatives. This ensures working conditions and practices are to the highest standard and within local government laws. Our team visit regularly through-out the year to discuss production and walk the factory floors to maintain relationships with garment workers and ensure our required working standards are being met.


A further indication of our commitment to social responsibility is in the number of certifications our factories hold which track and verify the legitimacy of our product and monitor working conditions across the supply chain on an annual / bi-annual basis, ensuring ethical, responsible practices.

Our Company Values

Our mission is to deliver every time: on quality, on service and on product range. Customers know they can come back time and time again for products they can trust.


We pride ourselves in the quality of our products.


We respect our customers, distributors, and each other.


We help when help is needed.


We are honest, open, ethical, and fair.

Customer Commitment

We are committed to helping our customers succeed.


We support our immediate and extended teams to reach their potential.