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Fundraising With Teddy Rescue

This partnership is an easy and effective way for your rescue to raise funds. Your supporters can buy these customisable teddies as thoughtful gifts, knowing that their purchase also supports your vital work.

These teddies can be embroidered or printed with special messages, making them ideal for birthdays, anniversaries, or as a token of appreciation.

For you as a rescue charity, this means an additional, hassle-free revenue stream. We handle all the product creation, order management, and delivery, so you can focus on your essential rescue activities.

This collaboration not only brings financial support but also raises awareness of your cause in a unique and engaging way.

Let’s join forces to create a cycle of giving – where every teddy bear warms hearts and supports the incredible work you do for animals in need.

Donation FAQ

We operate just like any other online retailer. You can browse and order our items – the only difference is we donate 10% of every order we receive to a good cause. A good cause that the customer chooses!

This doesn’t affect the price the customer pays.

We are partnered with a number of charities and good causes. You can find more information on the causes we support on this page.

If you’d like to add your organisation or would like to suggest a charity please just fill in the form above or contact us directly.

We pay donations raised through shopping to your charity every month providing the ordered item has been delivered and received by the customer.

For example, orders placed and received in January will have their donations made at the end of February. Orders placed in February will receive their donations at the end of March, etc.

There are no minimum amounts required, if you raise a donation of £3, then that’s what we’ll send.

You can view the status of every donation within your account. A donation will typically move from ‘pending’ to ‘approved’ to ‘paid’ over the course of a couple weeks after the order has been received.

We operate like any other Ecommerce website (online shop). We enable our customers to order beautifully personalised teddy bears and soft toys for a wide range of occasions.

For every order we receive, we donate 10% to a good cause that the customer chooses.

All donation amounts we display represent the amount the charity will receive – a 10% donation means a 10% donation!

For example, if an order is placed for a personalised medium sized teddy (£19.99), then the chosen charity will receive £2. It’s really that simple.

Please get in touch if you have any questions about Teddy Rescue and our fundraising initiative.


Personalised Teddy Bear Range

With 30 unique teddy styles available, all with their own personalisation options - including tummy, paws and ears where available!